Seven simple summer adventures with a 15 month old

Summer is such a time for adventure – the season just calls for it. And like dutiful folks, when called, we answer.  Recently that answer has led us to seven simple adventures with the little man.

In no particular order:

7. Gardening. Each night the little guy and dad water, examine, and explore the garden. Recently that means a bedtime snack of a fresh cherry tomato – I can’t think of a better bedtime snack!

6. Water. Anywhere and everywhere. The backyard kiddie pool, the ocean, a pond, a puddle, the water table: it all elicits the same joy.

5. Ice cream. A boy after his mother’s heart. This treat always results in lots of more, more, more signing (and I usually oblige, I can’t help myself, I LOVE ice cream!).

4. Grilling (with close supervision). Gramma has a toy grill which of course leads to fascination with the (very hot) real grill, which of course leads to the little guy wanting to help grill dinner which of course makes mom nervous. We do our best with lots of oohing and ahhing from afar (combined with lots of don’t touch, hot hot hot, nope, no touching…)

3. Evening strolls that lead us to…

2. The playground! Each day there is a new trick learned, a new ability gained. It amazes me to no end just how quickly this little boy’s mind grows.

1. Road construction. Yes, the bane of any commuter’s existence is this little boy’s favorite simple delight of the summer. Construction trucks anywhere and everywhere – he is thoroughly, completely obsessed. Just imagine his joy when we arrived at daycare to find the road closed, construction machines strewn about. So much pointing, squealing, laughter. So much delight in the simple.

It’s exhausting.

sleepy boy

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