Top ten: Jaimecito at 15 months edition


Little dude speaks (hears) Spanish by day, English by night (and weekend), so from time to time we like to keep him on his toes with a little Español in the old nombre.  Voilà (that’s not Spanish): Jaimecito. The diminutive just means we like him a whole lot.

So top ten favorite things for the 15 month old:

10. Wheel of Fortune. It’s his favorite TV show. Really the only one he actually watches. Kids shows bed damned, the boy loves the Wheel.  Mom already dreams of the day that she and little dude can appear as contestants on family week (I’m not kidding).

9. Smoothies. In his very own smoothie cup. Some mornings he chugs it so fast he has a reversal of fortune, but we’re learning to slow him down to avoid such a fate.

8. Hiking! Dad got a new backpack for dad’s day and despite some initial screaming, by the end of the hike little dude was psyched.

7. The beach, the sand, sometimes the water, but always the beach! Beach babies are the absolute best. Sunblock, mom, always sunblock. Protect that sweet boy’s skin.

6. Cherries. A cherry stained baby face is a sight to be seen. Sweet boy with bright red dribble.

5. The playground. Everyday after work. We change his diap, he screams, I ask do you want to the go the playground? and he replies with the sweetest, squeakiest little yeah I have ever heard. Heart: melting.

4. His drum. And all of the instruments it contains. Sure, the pots, pans, and whisk are still highlights, but he gravitates towards that drum. Poor thing has no idea musical talent does not run in this family.

3. Travel (be still mom’s heart). We adventured to DC this past month, and the boy loved it. So many smiles, such a good traveler. I can only hope that this is a sign of things to come.

2. The grill at Gramma’s…and the kitchen utensils (real and toy) that go with it. He’ll play for HOURS.

1. MOM. and Dad. Some days one more than the other, but we’re always, always, always good for a giant grin, and we always, always, always melt at the sight of it. Good thing he can’t talk, or we would have promised him the world by now.

So you tell me, what else is grand for a 15 month old Jaimecito? The boy loves new adventures – enlighten us!

[in the effort of full disclosure, there are a few amazon affiliate links above. They all come with two very enthusiastic Jaimecito thumbs up]

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