A Washington weekend


We struggle to keep anything simple, and traveling is no different. With five days to see, do, eat everything, we started the engines and didn’t stop until we hit the pillows back at home on the other end of a whirlwind trip across the country (yes, that Washington),

On the list:

  • Visits with family
  • Sailing
  • Chris’ Peace Corps reunion
  • More visits with family

The adventure panned out as follows:

Wednesday night, 10:30pm Seattle time, we arrive (that’s 1:30am Boston folks) with a weary little boy in tow. We’re whisked away by a wonderful aunt and uncle to our home for the night. We visit, we laugh, we chat, we finally hit the hay around midnight Washington time, convinced we’re doomed for a very early morning wakeup from the wee lad.

He proves us wrong, so very wrong, and sleeps until 8:30. We rejoice but hardly dare to acknowledge what happened for fear that it won’t happen again until 2048.

At 8:31 the flurry of activity began, not to stop for days.

We sailed.


We ate.


We chatted, visited, reminisced.


We played in the sand.





Drank a few beers.


Had a water fight.


Snuggled this little boy.



And embraced – oh gosh did we embrace – being away from the phone, the computer, the world, for a magnificent five days in time.


All too quick, yes, but so very worth it. Washington in the summer is a magical place with its sparkling water, fresh cherries, ferry rides, family reunions, sailboats, sunshine, and Mt Rainier.  We’re fortunate fools.


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