Beach Baby

It happened.  We went from this towel bound tiny little guy…

Beach 1

To this sunscreen-filled mullet, sand-covered, beach lover of a boy:

Beach D

All in one year’s time. Success!

Beach C

In an effort to take back the summer, we’ve been packing our (weekend) bags and seizing the remaining beach days. Just a mile’s walk from Gramma and Grampa’s house, Singing Beach is our summertime happy place. And now that the water is not so frigid (last weekend it was a balmy 63!), James happily spends hours running up and down the sand, into and out of the waves. He gladly wades out to the deeper parts with Mom or Dad, and a full dip up to his shoulders is met with joyous giggles. Oddly enough, face plants in the sand and/or a wave are (usually!) met with giggles as well.  He’s a little beach baby, our Jamesey lad.

Some tricks we have learned along the way:

  • Bring the stroller.  It takes some huffing and puffing to get it through the soft sand, but it’s worth it for a long walk along the water’s edge or for squeezing in a beachy nap (waves make the best white noise).
  • Pack snacks (always). We stick with the usual goldfish, cherries, pretzels. Anything will do really, especially when you stop for Captain Dusty’s on the walk home.
  • SUNBLOCK. So much. In the mullet, if your child refuses the sunhat.
  • Pails, shovels, little toy trucks. Anything to move sand and/or water from here to there.
  • An extra towel.  Toddlers do not know the meaning of no sand on the towel.
  • Water, coffee, a beverage of your choice. Playing on the beach makes parents and kids thirsty.
  • Wet swim diapers lead to chafing. Fair warning.
  • Pee runs right through dry swim diapers. Fair warning.
  • And sand? It gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Beach B

But those summer days at the beach? They are priceless. Especially if you happen to live near a beach where the sand sings.

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