Fall 2014 travel bucket list


It’s creeping on us: the season of cool air, crisp sea breezes, warm blankets, and colorful leaves. We’re not ready for summer to end, but at the very least we can look on the bright side and set the wheels turning down the path of fall adventures.

We’ll split our bucket list into a few varieties: local, not-so-local, and international.  Away we go!

Local (a lot of these adventures will mark the return of the Sunday drivers):

  • New England Aquarium. We’re members, it’s by the water, it’s an excuse to take the T into town. Why not?
  • Legal Seafoods for a cup of chowdah. Make that a bowl.
  • Russell Orchards. To pick apples, take a hayride, see some animals, buy a pumpkin, pet a pig.
  • The beach with the singing sand: there is no more tranquil time of the year at the beach than a crisp, fall day. The water sparkles.
  • Appleton Farms.  Cheeeeeeeeese. And cows.  But really, cheeeeeeeeeese.
  • Hikes, so many hikes.


  • Colorado! To visit the familia, catch a Rockies game, eat some Mexican food, drink some good beer, catch up on the good old days with some good old friends.
  • Vermont: leaf peeping, duh. And camping. And friend visiting. And maple syrup eating. Oh, and hello Ben & Jerry, we like you, too.
  • The Berkshires because I (and we) have never been.


  • England to visit these two crazy gals. Drink a pint, listen to the funny talkers, eat the fish and chips. Wine gums too.
  • Spain to relax by the beach, practice the Spanish, eat some tapas, enjoy the downtime. Siesta, we’re look at you!

So there we have it: a fall 2014 travel bucket list.  Sure, it’s ambitious, but it wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t ambitious.

What have we missed, near, far, or very far? What’s on your travel bucket list, near, far, or very far?

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