Month 16

Mom, mom: the biggest, most beautiful development of Month 16. My little boy says Mom, mom. He started while we were in Washington, and now it is just non-stop. Often they are the first words out of his mouth in the morning, and it melts my heart every single time. Mom, mom. My sweet, sweet boy.

In other also big news, he sort of says James! It sound more like Djms, but he points at himself and says it when we say James! The wheels are turning.

But really, Mom, mom. In the sweetest little boy voice in the world. He makes it sound like a sigh of relief.  Mom, mom.

He’s got me, that little dude.


So yeah, Month 16.  That’s a lot of months!

Height and weight: Can’t remember exactly, but I know height was in the 15th percentile (little dude!), and weight was 40th.  Both of these are great given the winter slump that left him short and skinny…we’ve had a nice, long healthy stretch that means good things in terms of the little dude plumping up nicely.  He has the best little belly these days.

IMG_2701 Adventures: so many! We had the 4th of July, a visit from Grandma Jody, our Washington weekend, a beer festival in Manchester, trips to the beach, voyages on the sailboat (little dude hates the life jacket), so much fun!  We’re tired.



Teeth: a bunch…maybe getting more? Still four top, four bottom, plus two top molars and two bottom molars. He has diversified his palate this month too given all the teeth.  Lots of crunchy things to bite. And he loves having his teeth brushed. And flossed! He thinks it is so funny (we do too).


New tricks: climbing up on all the furniture, making car and airplane noises, plucking tomatoes off of the plants, barking at dogs, obsessing over trucks of any sort, doing puzzles, playing at the beach (in the water!).  He also loves mowing the lawn with dad. Like squealing in delight when dad asks James, you want to mow the lawn?


Signs: eat, milk, more, all done, and now please too!


Words: this, that, mom, dad, woof

IMG_2809So there you have it, month 16 with the wee dude.  He continues to get more and more fun, and we find ourselves wondering how we ever got so fortunate to call a boy this sweet our own. James, you bring so much joy to the world – may you never lose that spirit, you sweet little thing.

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