Season in review: Summer 2014 travels


Let’s pause for a bit of summertime reflection.  Reflection on where the season has taken us, where we’ve fallen short, where we’ve hit the nail on the head.  Shall we?

Where we’ve been:

Where we’ve fallen short:

  • Not enough beach days! We promise to seize the rest of the summer. Beach, beach,  beach.
  • Not enough ice cream! Again, seize the rest of the summer.
  • The garden is a mess. We were over ambitious – lesson learned.
  • Not enough evening patio sitting. Nor grilling. We’ll work on it.
  • Not enough corn. There’s still time.
  • Basil is supposed to grow like a weed.  Ours most definitely did not.  Ditto mint. Next year.
  • Father’s Day Ale fell flat.  Really.  Not a bit of carbonation. We’ll just have to try again…
  • Not enough vacation. Never enough vacation from the damn cubicle.
  • No camping? What? No camping?  That’s terrible. September, we’ve got our eyes on you.

Where we hit the nail on the head:

  • 4th of July. Despite the crummy weather, we made the absolute most of an afternoon back porch sit. Victory.
  • Getting the kid in the water at the beach. He loves it even though it feels like ice blocks on your parts.
  • Cross-country voyage – we rocked it.
  • Mowing the lawn with the boy in the backpack. The squeals of delight are ridiculous.
  • Home-grown tomatoes. So many, and they are all so magnificently delicious.
  • Evening walks. James and I go on them almost every day before Dad gets home. They’re soul soothing. We finish at the playground, and everyone is happy.

So we might not have traveled too far and wide (though one cross-country trip is a solid undertaking!), but we have done our best to embrace the season, live in the moment, savor the time.

What’s left on the list? For us we need to tackle that camping trip, get out for another hike or two, and spend some quality time both at the beach and on a patio.


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