IMG_2004 Just because we have a wee sidekick, and just because we live officey lives, and just because we are bogged down in all things real life these days does not mean that we can avoid the most familiar sentiment that is wanderlust. If anything, since the arrival of the kid, it got worse.

It’s a tricky thing, this combination of real world and responsibility and raising a kid and wanderlust.

It’s just that…travel is infectious, makes us feel alive, opens our eyes to the other, the unfamiliar, the unique.  Travel sparks wonder, and in a odd twist of fate, it turns out that babies spark wonder too.

Combine those two wonders, and there you have it: a supreme case of wanderlust, to be satiated in the coming months with a weekend trip to Colorado and a grand adventure to England and Spain in October.

But after that?

Nada on the old calendario.

Which brings me to another point: wanderlust makes me greedy. In the way that travel always does, one journey sparks the desire for another, one foreign land peaks the interest of the next foreign land.

So for now, we armchair wander(lust). We plan adventures, thumb through magazines, have wistful conversations with stars in our eyes about the grand trips we will take if and when and…it all leaves me wondering how I make the thoughts not just fairytale daydreams but realities shared with tiny little bodies full of wonder and joy and curiosity for the world?

So please, tell me, how does it become a reality? What is step one down this road of insatiable wanderlusty curiosity? And, even more importantly, where should we wander next?!

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