England: Day 1 in Yorkshire

Following our whirlwind two days in London, we hopped on a train northbound to Yorkshire, the countryside full of sheep and green and rolling hills.

Some of us were really excited about the train:


Okay, okay, all of us were really excited about the train:



The two and a half hour journey sailed on by as the landscape changed right before our eyes. Before we knew it, voila, the land of sheep and holy-moley-Yorkshire-accents!

Reunited with Jo, we began our explore of her homeland. First on tap, a drive through the Yorkshire Dales, a magnificently beautiful National Park that just so happens to house a magnificently quaint little Yorkshire pub that just so happened to be holding a magnificently enticing little beer festival. We decided we simply must stop.




I enjoyed a truly delightful cider – fermented perfectly and entirely unfiltered. Delish! Back on the road, we carried on smartly to a quaint little village where James requested a photo-op. Take a picture of me with the cobblestones, he commanded (and we obliged).


Following our little countryside drive, we headed back to Jo’s for a quick rest before a wander to the village pub. James declared us all to be massive embarrassments and chose to sit by himself. We obliged for about thirty seconds before we rained on his parade (we’re his parents, that’s our job).


Following a pint (okay, or two pints), we were all beat and headed home to bed. Day two of Yorkshire to come!


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