England: Day 2 in Yorkshire

Day two, up and at ’em early we were! Our day began with a proper English breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, AND beans. All of that pub-sitting the day before meant we had earned a hearty meal. Right? Right. Sure, whatever.

First stop? The playground! (Don’t mind me being bow-legged, it goes back to horseback riding days…oh wait, right, I’m afraid of horses. So yeah, I have no explanation, just don’t mind it, I’m squatting awkwardly and James is watching me do so.)

IMG_0422Right after this next picture was taken, James fell off the playset. Oops. Becky and I had fun climbing the spider web thingy though (and he was fine)!

IMG_0424Following the tumble, James preferred lower ground and insisted upon driving his dad around in the truck. It reminds me of the Flintstones for some reason!



Onward and upward with the day – next stop, the steam train!


IMG_0435This next series shows idiotic parenting. We start with a cute little picture of the train, James, and me. Aww, what a great adventure we’re having!

IMG_0437Oh shit, it’s a steam train, and it’s leaving. Fuck, it’s steamy. We’re getting covered in steam train shit. Goddammit.

IMG_0438Holy protective momma bear. My baby is getting covered in steam train shit and good lord that whistle is LOUD.

IMG_0439Let’s get out of here and take quaint little pictures of English countryside villages. Yes, heart garlands fit the bill.

IMG_0443This should not surprise anyone that knows us.

IMG_0450We did not buy these. Though if I ever need a place to purchase my reet good proper porkie scratchings, I now know where to go.

IMG_0391Moving right along, a proper English tea at Betty’s!

IMG_0456Contrary to my uh-oh-we’re-in-a-fancy-place-with-an-18-month-old expectations, James was a little delight during our afternoon tea (once we fed him the chocolate cake).


IMG_0473Ooooh, look at me, pouring proper English tea!IMG_0467And eating proper English tea cakes!IMG_0466Tea is exhausting.

IMG_0397And there you have it, our England adventure! Tomorrow, onward to Spain!

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