England: London with an 18 month old

A success, oh what a success.  Our trip was simply wonderful, the whole darn thing from start to finish.

Let’s jump in…

We arrived in England a bit worn and weary, but ready to go. We were in a new land and only one quick train ride stood between us and a reunion with a dear friend. Or maybe not a quick train ride…and not really one train ride either…but regardless. It took us about an hour and a half to get from Heathrow to Hackney, but excitement carried us most of the way. The man with the dog on the final leg was just what James needed when his enthusiasm began to wane.

Just what we needed when our enthusiasm started to wane? Duh, a local Hackney brew, enjoyed on Becky’s back stoop while James played in the yard. The perfect welcome, indeed.




Following a leisurely lunch and some more back stoop sitting, we meandered our way into London.  In typical Kara and Chris fashion, we soon grew thirsty and paused to enjoy our first local cask ale. James, by this point, was in the midst of enjoying his first of many stroller naps (we all win).


Piddling along after our pint, we made our way through Hackney into Shoreditch and onward to Brick Lane, home to Christopher’s dreams: real Bengali food (and real Bengali folk with whom to practice his real Bengali).  Dinner was great, the poor boy was exhausted, and our final pint was shared with another stroller-napping customer.


Stroller-napping soon turned into bedtime for all the weary travelers, and we wrapped up our first day in London with a leisurely stroll home, a quick settling in, and off to bed we went.  Despite the potential for jetlag, we all slept like logs.

Day two welcomed us with the promise of more adventure. On tap was more walking, a bus ride, a wander by the river, a taking-in of some sights, and a reunion with old friends. Suffice to say we were beat by the end, but so very grateful for the adventures we enjoyed.


Salt beef makes great fuel (and English mustard is delicious):





Mongolia Reunion (over pints and chips, duh)!


And when all was said and done, a final London stroller nap. Sweet, sweet boy.




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