Flashback Friday: that time the SWAT team was in our neighborhood

SWAT 2Today we flashback to…yesterday.

I got stuck at work later than usual, so James and I were a bit delayed in our journey home. We pittered along though, stopped for a quick errand, wound our way through Newton. Tra la la, the last leg of the journey, James, see the fire statio…oh…umm…uhh? Police barricade? Hmm.

I pull up alongside the barricade, Uhh, excuse me, officer? I live…down there?

No go. Go around, he said.

What he didn’t say was that going around wouldn’t matter, because barricades blocked all of the roads home. We ventured as close as we could, snuck around one final barricade (I’m not always the best at following rules), and made our way to the church parking lot – which was full of news trucks and a giant police bus labeled Command Central.  What?

I called to the police standing on top of Command Central (Mama Bear Kara is bolder than plain old Kara) and requested information. What I got? Please just stay here for the time being.  Not enough for Mama Bear. I live there; I need to know a little more about what is going on, if my house is safe, why the fuck there are SWAT vehicles all over my neighborhood. Oh, Mama Bear means business.


I got a half-story about a man threatening to do things to himself and assurance that all was okay now, just tidying up the heaps of police and SWAT team members, clearing the street of armored vehicles. Really.

So James and I hung out in the church parking lot for a bit until we received clearance to go ahead up into the neighborhood, the streets of which were still lined with police cars, SWAT vans, newscasters. It was surreal. James LOVED it. So much squealing, glee, excitement. A neighborhood full of diggers, dump trucks, and armored vehicles.


Just another day in the hood.

Oh, what actually happened? There was a guy with a knife threatening to harm himself, so they said. It has to have been more than that, but as of yet the real details remain unknown. (Last I saw of the SWAT team they were parked down the way, grabbing a slice from the local pizza joint.)

Another rough day in Newton.



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