A progress check on the Fall 2014 Travel Bucket List

IMG_0145We set out a while ago to come up with our Fall 2014 Travel Bucket List, and now that the days are short and the temperatures have dropped, it seems appropriate to check in with a status update.

Let’s see how we’ve done, shall we?

Local (a lot of these adventures have marked the return of the Sunday drivers):

  • New England Aquarium: we made it once and have plans to go back. Success!
  • Legal Seafoods: we tried but the place was a zoo. Still on the list, and boy will that chowdah taste good.
  • Russell Orchards. Fail. It might remain that way, but so it goes. Next year!
  • The beach with the singing sand: every Wednesday and tomorrow. The water still sparkles.
  • Appleton Farms.  Cheeeeeeeeese. And cows.  But really, cheeeeeeeeeese. Sunday?
  • Hikes, so many hikes: I wouldn’t say we’ve been on so many, but we’ve done a couple and they’ve been great. Moderately successful here.


  • Colorado! A whopping success. We had a great trip full of friends, family, and laughter. As always, the time passed too quickly, but we so enjoyed the time we had.
  • Vermont: Fail. Big, fat fail. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen either, but we’re shifting it to the winter list.
  • The Berkshires because I (and we) have never been: couple weekends from now this one can have a big checkmark next to its name. Hurrah!


  • England to visit these two crazy gals: So incredibly successful. We had the best time, the best trip, so much fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Spain to relax by the beach, practice the Spanish, eat some tapas, enjoy the downtime: It was perfect, magnificent, everything we could have wanted. A true lesson in why traveling with a kid is simply the best.
  • And for an added bonus, I threw Nigeria into the mix. Not a planned adventure, but an adventure for sure.

I would say we have had a busy Fall of travel. Daunting to some, but bread and butter to us. Let’s hope the coming seasons share some similar flavor, because we have had FUN, so very much fun.

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