Spain: Marbella with an 18 month old

From England we flew to Spain, beautiful Spain. We flew Ryan Air direct from Manchester, England, to Malaga, Spain. According to our friends, everyone flies Ryan Air once. Now we get it. It was fine, just not…nice. We almost had to pay thirty bucks to reprint our boarding passes because we couldn’t find the PDF of them, and evidently that’s the rule. Right, we flew Ryan Air our once. It got the job done, and we made it!

Arrival in Malaga was easy, straight forward, we were excited! Following bag retrieval and car pickup, the adventure began. James offered to drive – what a gem that boy is. (We said thanks but no thanks)

IMG_0502Our journey to the condo brought us all sorts of new fun (We don’t need to change money just yet, do we? Nah, let’s just go…oh, you think it’s a toll road? Shit, it’s a toll road!), and we loved every bit of it. We found a gas station for snacks and water, an ATM for Euros, and a map to guide our way – it felt like our own little Amazing Race. James played along nicely by snoring from the back seat (the poor thing was beat).

Arrival in Nueva Andalucía, just down the way from Marbella, was smooth as could be – we were in our apartment in no time at all. Followed by a quick trip to the market for our first stock-up of red wine, cheese, and olives (hot dogs and yogurt for the mini person of the group), we headed out for our first explore. Not too long into it did we stumble upon this delightful spot, where we stopped for a quick snack and a drink. Beach vacation, we had arrived (cheers!).

IMG_0503The rest of the days played our wonderfully as nicely as the first. Following a morning jog each day, we spent hours at the beach while the little dude delighted in the waves, the rocks, the sand, all of it.


IMG_0508His parents didn’t seem to mind the beach mornings, either. The pure relaxation was just magical.

IMG_0511Our days in Marbella played out in much the same fashion each day: morning run, beach time, exhaust the kid, walk along the boardwalk until he fell asleep, and then mom and dad got to play (read: drink red wine at lunchtime on the beach!).  Truly, truly wonderful.


IMG_0662Also truly wonderful was the little boy waking up from his snooze, lazily looking around, and then joining us for the last bits of our drinks and maybe – on a good day – a French fry snack.


IMG_0663I yap about it a lot – James is just so fun – but this trip he was incredible. So happy, so relaxed, so willing to follow his parents as they flitted all over the place, soaking up the adventures that they craved so badly. Better yet, he seemed to enjoy it – like truly, truly enjoy it – which makes his travel-loving momma just SO happy. He’s a hearty little boy, that Jamesey. A wandering spirit after his parents’ hearts, perhaps? So many smiles from him on this trip.

Anyways, beach and lunchtime wine drinking aside, we spent a solid amount of time at the playground watching our little baby act so very much NOT like a baby.


IMG_0715Back at the condo, James enjoyed a few odd activities like brushing his teeth using his own private sink. (James, that’s not a sink)

IMG_0693And hiding with Mom in the TV cabinet. (This was fun until Dad got in on the trick and fell through the back of the cabinet. Daaaaaaaad!)

IMG_0684And that’s that, our time in Marbella. We took a few day trips that I’ll talk about later, but for the most part our way was embodied by sunshine, the beach, red wine, olives, and so much joy. We had a blast, our little dynamic threesome did!


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