Spain: Old Town Marbella

We took a quick afternoon jaunt to Old Town Marbella one afternoon, in search of (what else?) a nice stroll, a quick pint, and a few snacks. It was worth the trip!

IMG_0550Much like the rest of our outings, we didn’t do anything per say, but we did walk for hours, soak in a little sun, enjoy a few snacks, and breathe in pure relaxation.

IMG_0548We also managed to find a craft beer at one tiny little spot hidden amongst the cobblestone streets. I’m certain we couldn’t find it again if we tried!

IMG_0558A bit less hidden was this spot where James enjoyed his afternoon nap. Patatas bravas, mussels, and a pint for Mom and Dad.

IMG_0547And this…beautiful, idyllic Old Town Marbella at its best.

IMG_0540We couldn’t get away without exploring a local playground once Jamesey woke up, so here he is, a little boy full of joy on a BIG slide!

IMG_0564And that was it, our afternoon in Old Town Marbella. Simple, yet delightful, much like the rest of our time in Spain.

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