Spain: the return to Sevilla and a side trip to Ronda

So we took a day trip while in Spain, an ambitious twelve hour day trip. It was great, and James only hated his car seat for about two hours of it, so all in all, we call it a success. The impetus was a return to Sevilla, my college study abroad home. We made it a loop: two and a half hours up to Sevilla, another couple hours to Ronda, and a quick hour home. Not too shabby, thought the hopeful travelers. And it wasn’t! Again, it was a bit long, but overall, a great adventure.

We begin in Sevilla where our time consisted of a tour of Kara’s old existence. Chris indulged me; James just kept his eyes peeled for playgrounds and/or ice cream vendors. Stop one after a stop for wine and snacks (okay, so stop two) was la Plaza de Pilatos and my old home! We found the casa! James was less thrilled than me, but so it goes. At one point in time that window in the upper right was my room (the one right above me, the living room – the one on the left, the kitchen).  Memories…

IMG_0594Lingering too long was not a choice though, so onward we strolled to the park where I enjoyed many a bocadillo (packed lunch) with my friends. It doesn’t feel that long ago…

IMG_0596Park tour complete, we strolled along the river for a while before heading back to the car and on to our next town: the little cliff-side village of Ronda.


(That picture is still Sevilla!)

Ronda was good for a long walk, some time at the playground, some sand in James’ shoes, a snack, and a quick break from the drive. The town was beautiful and really perched right on the cliff – pretty impressive and a wonderful stop after quite a bit of time in the car.

IMG_0642 IMG_0637 IMG_0621 IMG_0619 IMG_0618There you have it, twelve hours of driving around Spain, wrapped up in a quick little post. The drive down from Ronda offered some nervous hairpin turns, but thankfully the passenger had a safe driver and a beautiful sunset to guide her home.


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