To the brim.

We’re two days out from Thanksgiving, and I’m already full, full right up to the brim.

dad and james

Full of love for the little (albeit growing!) family of mine.


Full of wonder at the force that is a two and a half year old little boy.


Full of joy for a little girl who wakes me with a smile each morning.

evie may Full of pride – the good kind – at who Chris and I have become in the past couple years.

k and c

My heart feels so very full at Thanksgiving this year, and while we’re not a family that generally voices our thanks around the table each year, I think this year I might push it. A brief moment to consider that for which we are so very blessed. A small notion in the grand scheme of things, but a valuable one. I’m curious what everyone will say, given a year of ups and downs (and given the subjectivity of one’s thankfulness). Where does the value lie for each individual? I want to know, to learn, to understand.

And I also want to know if a two year old can muster up an answer to a concept he might not fully comprehend. I imagine he can…and knowing this particular two year old, I imagine it will be funny.


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