Monthly Archives: February 2016

Leaping back into things.


It seems fitting on a bonus day (Leap Day!) to dive back into this unintentionally neglected space.

So here I am, diving in. Diving into what, I’m not sure. I’ve felt myself grow more guarded in recent months about the two wee folk sitting up there in Lightning McQueen, so I’m not entirely sure how much of them I want this space to hold. Surely they shape my thoughts, so they will be here…but how much of them I want here remains to be seen.

That said, I miss the thinking that lies behind these posts, the pondering that happens regardless of whether it winds up here for the world to see. When it winds up here it feels a bit different – slower and more intentional at times, rambling and free at others. Whatever shape it holds, I appreciate it for what it is, so here we are on Leap Day stepping back into a space that I’ve neglected for a while in favor of snuggling a new baby, toying with a toddler, wrestling with life’s questions.

We have some travel catch-up: a road trip to Maine, a week in Colorado, a long weekend in Mexico. That will come soon. We also have some life musings: thoughts on the big life questions of working vs. staying at home, finding one’s self (or, better said, finding MYself) when priorities (see Lightning McQueen) in life shift, and the joys (I mean that – the absolute joys) of parenting. Soon enough.

For now, I take this small leap with the intention of returning to this space on a much more regular basis.