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Hi. We’re the Beantown Aardvarks.  I imagine you can deduce where we reside, and the Aardvarks part, well, that’s just us.  There are three of us in the cast of characters, and we enjoy a rip roaring good time of gallivanting the globe as often as we are able, delighting in simple pleasures, sharing laughter, and soaking up the days as they go by all too quickly.

There was a time before we were the Aardvarks that we were the crazy kids living in Mongolia, and even before that we were the crazy kids traveling South America and Mexico.  Our journeys have carried us through a couple of different blogs, but here we sit cozily compiled into one as the Beantown Aardvarks.  And while our adventures may seem tame compared to what they once were, we make the most of our much-closer-to-home existence by exploring breweries, climbing mountains, playing in the yard, and delighting in the simple.

Oh, and we make our own beer…kim chi…vegetables…and fun.

We’re glad that you have joined us for our adventure! If one thing is certain, we travel the world with big goofy grins and wide open hearts.

We love to chat – send us a message at thebeantownaardvarks@gmail.com or…

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