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A brief jaunt to Newport

Deetles speak 1We ventured to Newport, RI, a couple of weeks ago for a rugby tournament in which Christopher wound up tearing his ACL (by approximately 11am on day 1 of the tournament). The unfortunate bit was the torn ACL; the fortunate bit was that the three of us wound up with a heap of extra time to share together on account of Dad-dad being relegated to the sidelines.

We spent quite a bit of time exploring (slowly because of a two year old, a dude with a bum knee, and a pregnant woman), relaxing, and enjoying the coast. Multiple seafood meals, a giant milkshake, and some time on a sandy beach. All in all, a great weekend aside from the ACL.

Sunday morning we chose a stroll along the Breakers, the waterfront path that wanders along the rocky coast in front of all the old mansions. James insisted upon walking most of the way and must have worked up a bit of a sweat, because when the sun broke through the clouds, the poor thing turned his chin skyward, closed his little eyes, and said, “Oooooh…outside…heat on…so niiiiice.”

Perhaps it’s time we reevaluate our winter home.

The vacation word explosion

Beach pondererFor a while now James has graced me with the sweet, sweet sound of Mom-mom, and he has had a few other words as well, but vacation really marked that tipping point I’ve heard many moms speak of where the kid just starts to talk. He mimicked so many sounds on vacation that I hadn’t heard before, and he found his words.  So many!

The list:

  • Bath
  • Book
  • More (and mas!)
  • Please (I’ll give him the world when that sweet little voice squeaks, pwease?)
  • Boost (as in, Dad, give me a boost!)
  • Chip
  • Dip
  • Cups
  • Body (as in Bodyyyyy Slam!)
  • Step
  • Beach
  • Bus
  • Diap (as in diaper)

Crazy, just crazy. Since we got home he melted my heart once again when he figured out how to say Grampa (gam-paaaah). And gracias!

Wee little dude is growing up!

The boy.

Beach boy

I look at this little baby, and I see a boy. A boy covered in sand, sunscreen, salt water, joy.

I see a boy curious for the world. Eager to explore. Ready for adventure.

I watch as the boy soaks it in: the sun, the sand, the beach, the day.

He wakes up laughing most mornings. There are a few whimpers, then some rustling in the crib, then laughter. He is ready to take on the day, this boy.

And I find myself wondering, where did it go? The days that seem to last forever yet at the same time move so quickly they all blend into one fleeting moment of time in which my tiny little baby has turned into a boy. It is so quick. One year’s time. So very, very quick.

I feel proud.  Proud of myself, my husband, our family, but mostly proud of this little boy.

For there are things we hope for when we have children, and if I had to voice my greatest hope for my little baby? It would be that he loves the world. That he looks at it as a place of wonder, a place to explore, a wealth of adventure. That he shares his mother’s curiosity for new places, new food, new people.

But meeting each day with laughter?

I didn’t see that one coming, though I sure do love it.


Beach Baby

It happened.  We went from this towel bound tiny little guy…

Beach 1

To this sunscreen-filled mullet, sand-covered, beach lover of a boy:

Beach D

All in one year’s time. Success!

Beach C

In an effort to take back the summer, we’ve been packing our (weekend) bags and seizing the remaining beach days. Just a mile’s walk from Gramma and Grampa’s house, Singing Beach is our summertime happy place. And now that the water is not so frigid (last weekend it was a balmy 63!), James happily spends hours running up and down the sand, into and out of the waves. He gladly wades out to the deeper parts with Mom or Dad, and a full dip up to his shoulders is met with joyous giggles. Oddly enough, face plants in the sand and/or a wave are (usually!) met with giggles as well.  He’s a little beach baby, our Jamesey lad.

Some tricks we have learned along the way:

  • Bring the stroller.  It takes some huffing and puffing to get it through the soft sand, but it’s worth it for a long walk along the water’s edge or for squeezing in a beachy nap (waves make the best white noise).
  • Pack snacks (always). We stick with the usual goldfish, cherries, pretzels. Anything will do really, especially when you stop for Captain Dusty’s on the walk home.
  • SUNBLOCK. So much. In the mullet, if your child refuses the sunhat.
  • Pails, shovels, little toy trucks. Anything to move sand and/or water from here to there.
  • An extra towel.  Toddlers do not know the meaning of no sand on the towel.
  • Water, coffee, a beverage of your choice. Playing on the beach makes parents and kids thirsty.
  • Wet swim diapers lead to chafing. Fair warning.
  • Pee runs right through dry swim diapers. Fair warning.
  • And sand? It gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Beach B

But those summer days at the beach? They are priceless. Especially if you happen to live near a beach where the sand sings.

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Month 16

Mom, mom: the biggest, most beautiful development of Month 16. My little boy says Mom, mom. He started while we were in Washington, and now it is just non-stop. Often they are the first words out of his mouth in the morning, and it melts my heart every single time. Mom, mom. My sweet, sweet boy.

In other also big news, he sort of says James! It sound more like Djms, but he points at himself and says it when we say James! The wheels are turning.

But really, Mom, mom. In the sweetest little boy voice in the world. He makes it sound like a sigh of relief.  Mom, mom.

He’s got me, that little dude.


So yeah, Month 16.  That’s a lot of months!

Height and weight: Can’t remember exactly, but I know height was in the 15th percentile (little dude!), and weight was 40th.  Both of these are great given the winter slump that left him short and skinny…we’ve had a nice, long healthy stretch that means good things in terms of the little dude plumping up nicely.  He has the best little belly these days.

IMG_2701 Adventures: so many! We had the 4th of July, a visit from Grandma Jody, our Washington weekend, a beer festival in Manchester, trips to the beach, voyages on the sailboat (little dude hates the life jacket), so much fun!  We’re tired.



Teeth: a bunch…maybe getting more? Still four top, four bottom, plus two top molars and two bottom molars. He has diversified his palate this month too given all the teeth.  Lots of crunchy things to bite. And he loves having his teeth brushed. And flossed! He thinks it is so funny (we do too).


New tricks: climbing up on all the furniture, making car and airplane noises, plucking tomatoes off of the plants, barking at dogs, obsessing over trucks of any sort, doing puzzles, playing at the beach (in the water!).  He also loves mowing the lawn with dad. Like squealing in delight when dad asks James, you want to mow the lawn?


Signs: eat, milk, more, all done, and now please too!


Words: this, that, mom, dad, woof

IMG_2809So there you have it, month 16 with the wee dude.  He continues to get more and more fun, and we find ourselves wondering how we ever got so fortunate to call a boy this sweet our own. James, you bring so much joy to the world – may you never lose that spirit, you sweet little thing.

Seven simple summer adventures with a 15 month old

Summer is such a time for adventure – the season just calls for it. And like dutiful folks, when called, we answer.  Recently that answer has led us to seven simple adventures with the little man.

In no particular order:

7. Gardening. Each night the little guy and dad water, examine, and explore the garden. Recently that means a bedtime snack of a fresh cherry tomato – I can’t think of a better bedtime snack!

6. Water. Anywhere and everywhere. The backyard kiddie pool, the ocean, a pond, a puddle, the water table: it all elicits the same joy.

5. Ice cream. A boy after his mother’s heart. This treat always results in lots of more, more, more signing (and I usually oblige, I can’t help myself, I LOVE ice cream!).

4. Grilling (with close supervision). Gramma has a toy grill which of course leads to fascination with the (very hot) real grill, which of course leads to the little guy wanting to help grill dinner which of course makes mom nervous. We do our best with lots of oohing and ahhing from afar (combined with lots of don’t touch, hot hot hot, nope, no touching…)

3. Evening strolls that lead us to…

2. The playground! Each day there is a new trick learned, a new ability gained. It amazes me to no end just how quickly this little boy’s mind grows.

1. Road construction. Yes, the bane of any commuter’s existence is this little boy’s favorite simple delight of the summer. Construction trucks anywhere and everywhere – he is thoroughly, completely obsessed. Just imagine his joy when we arrived at daycare to find the road closed, construction machines strewn about. So much pointing, squealing, laughter. So much delight in the simple.

It’s exhausting.

sleepy boy

Month 15

15 months of wee little man!  He’s the best, the best, the best.  So much joy, so many smiles, such a sweet, sweet boy.

Month 15 was full of all sorts of fun, including the first words of dis (this), dat (that), and… shoos (shoes).  Still no intentional Momma or Dada, but we at least have words. And signs, but signs we’ve had for a while now.  No new ones this month…plenty of pointing at dis and dat, and plenty of responses to our questions (James, will you bring me your shoos?  Will you put your shoos away? What would you like? Can I have a kiss? And he does it! The sweetest little sloppy, open mouthed kisses…which would actually be fairly gross if he wasn’t so darling).


My gosh, he’s turning into a little boy.

Some favorites include his water table, watering the garden (and spraying himself), the BEACH, playing in the sand, kiddie pools, the toy grill, pots and pans, the whisk, spatulas, and pushing any buttons (microwave, coffee pot, dishwasher) we’ll let him get his hands on.  Oh, and slides at the playground – he loves them. And smoothies out of his own smoothie cup.


Still holding strong at 10 teeth.


Height and weight I’m not sure – 15 month appointment is next week – but he has been healthy for a few months now, so hopefully we’ve picked up some lost ground. Update: 21 pounds, 6 ounces (30th percentile, creeping back up!)


Laughter: all. the. time.


Adventures: Gramma, Mom, and James hit the road (read: the skies) for a work trip to DC.  Gramma and James wandered the monuments and museums by day, and hung out with Mom by night.  Gramma had her first adventure in Ethiopian food, while James earned a nice little sunburn on his legs during one of the 90+ degree days out and about.  Such a treat to have some solid time together, just the three of us.  Later in the month, Grandma Jody came to visit from Colorado too! A special visit for all of us, but most especially for James because it meant Grandma daycare and plenty of time to learn who this special lady is. We all felt fortunate to have her here!

WP_20140630_005 WP_20140701_001WP_20140621_013WP_20140621_007 WP_20140620_009 WP_20140620_008

New tricks: he’s a climbing fool – chairs, ladders, stairs, anything that has the potential to be climbed he tries to climb. It’s fun to see him getting more bold and to see his curiosity about the world grow.  After a brief stint of hating sand he’s also now quite the beach baby which of course his momma adores.


Such a joy, this little boy. He has no idea the delight his kind, gentle spirit brings to our lives each and every day.

If the kid had hooves…

j and dad

He would have had hoof and mouth.  Instead, on Friday afternoon we got hand, foot, and mouth (and rear end, if you want the specifics). So our adventures this weekend kept us close to home, involved a greater than normal amount of time spent snuggling, and left us feeling…content.

We cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, weeded the garden, went grocery shopping, accomplished nothing really of note (aside from a pint…we had a delightful pint out and about at Jack’s Abby, so clearly all was not lost!).  And it felt nice. Like an unexpected rest during a weekend in which we had plans, plans, PLANS.

But you know what they say, even the best laid plans

So our grandest adventure included a jog followed by a long walk followed by fresh squeezed lemonade, breakfast sandwiches and coffee on the patio.  A suburban oasis, that patio is.

It’s good for us, brings us back to a quieter time of simple pleasures, slower movement, and greater peace.

But does it also make me long for those weekends full of flurry that leave me bleary eyed at my desk on Monday morning? Of course it does. Which is why, next weekend, I’m looking at you. And I’ve got plans. Plans. PLANS.

They include sand. A cold beer. And, of course, my favorite two.

Top ten: Jaimecito at 15 months edition


Little dude speaks (hears) Spanish by day, English by night (and weekend), so from time to time we like to keep him on his toes with a little Español in the old nombre.  Voilà (that’s not Spanish): Jaimecito. The diminutive just means we like him a whole lot.

So top ten favorite things for the 15 month old:

10. Wheel of Fortune. It’s his favorite TV show. Really the only one he actually watches. Kids shows bed damned, the boy loves the Wheel.  Mom already dreams of the day that she and little dude can appear as contestants on family week (I’m not kidding).

9. Smoothies. In his very own smoothie cup. Some mornings he chugs it so fast he has a reversal of fortune, but we’re learning to slow him down to avoid such a fate.

8. Hiking! Dad got a new backpack for dad’s day and despite some initial screaming, by the end of the hike little dude was psyched.

7. The beach, the sand, sometimes the water, but always the beach! Beach babies are the absolute best. Sunblock, mom, always sunblock. Protect that sweet boy’s skin.

6. Cherries. A cherry stained baby face is a sight to be seen. Sweet boy with bright red dribble.

5. The playground. Everyday after work. We change his diap, he screams, I ask do you want to the go the playground? and he replies with the sweetest, squeakiest little yeah I have ever heard. Heart: melting.

4. His drum. And all of the instruments it contains. Sure, the pots, pans, and whisk are still highlights, but he gravitates towards that drum. Poor thing has no idea musical talent does not run in this family.

3. Travel (be still mom’s heart). We adventured to DC this past month, and the boy loved it. So many smiles, such a good traveler. I can only hope that this is a sign of things to come.

2. The grill at Gramma’s…and the kitchen utensils (real and toy) that go with it. He’ll play for HOURS.

1. MOM. and Dad. Some days one more than the other, but we’re always, always, always good for a giant grin, and we always, always, always melt at the sight of it. Good thing he can’t talk, or we would have promised him the world by now.

So you tell me, what else is grand for a 15 month old Jaimecito? The boy loves new adventures – enlighten us!

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Month 14

I keep intending to come here more often, and the days keep passing and I keep not.  So it goes.  Here I am!  And here he is, the 14 month old with the most joyous smile, infectious laugh, and sweetest hairdo.  Really, the hair. Little dude rocks it.   IMG_2647Eating: Everything. I can’t even remember the new stuff he tried this month, because it was…everything. Whatever we’re eating, whatever he wants, whatever is not tied down. It’s great – he had some making up to do after being sick for so much of the winter, and we think he’s back on track. The big new food was peanut butter – only twice so far, but he didn’t explode or implode or really do anything notable at all, so I think we’re in the clear. For now.  (Exhale, Mama, exhale)


Naps: Still two, but not as consistent as they used to be. One short one, one longer (usually) one.  I think we’re on the brink of shrinking to one nap.

Passport stamps: No new ones, but plenty of adventure this month including his first night away from Mom and Dad. He had a sleepover party at Gramma and Grampa’s house while M&D ran away to play for a night. Everyone survived, though it seemed that Dad returned the worst for the wear.  I think we all know why.  Ahem.  Beer.


Weight: over 21 pounds at the last ear infection check-up. Back on track is right (he’s still a little guy, but not as teeny little as a couple months ago).

Height: Not sure…but growing for sure as his pants are short.  Poor lad.

Teeth: Four on the bottom, four on the top, plus two top molars. Boy has done a lot of teething recently.  Toothy grin.

New tricks: Lots of chatter! No really words (aside from the “Daaaaaah” of “Ta-daaaaaah.” Maybe “this” (dis!)?  Tons of “da da da da DAAAAA” but that has gone on for a while. He found his “m” and now babbles “mamamamamama” from time to time which of course I adore. He also has his “s” down and enjoys “sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”  OH, and he gives kisses in English and Spanish.  Sweet boy.


Signs: Milk, eat, all done, more (sort of – though sometimes it’s just a point at the food he wants more of), lots of shaking his head “no.”

Obsessed with: Pots, pans, spoons, whisks. He slept with a giant wooden spoon the other night. It was cute until he batted his parents with it as he resisted falling asleep.  He carries one with him almost at all times and wants to stir any bowl in sight.  Again, cute until the bowl has something in it.


So there we have it, 14 months of adventure with the sweetest boy in the world. So much fun, this not-so-tiny-anymore little dude.