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Father’s Day Ale

Dad’s Day is all about dads, so when I asked C what he wanted to do this weekend, his response was: brew So brew we did. A Father’s Day ale, full of delightful aromas and flavors and fingers crossed it’s a success.  We’ll find out in a few weeks.  It’s beer number eight for Aardal (Home)Brewing Company (we’ll be in business in no time at all). Anyways, in order to accomplish his wishes, we headed to Hopster’s Brew & Boards in hopes of killing two three birds with one stone: buying beer supplies, watching World Cup soccer, and enjoying a pint. Look at these two (my little heart loves this so very much): J and C Our trip a success, we journeyed home to brew the ale, make some spent grain pizza dough, cook a pizza pie, and relax the afternoon away.  Day number one of Father’s Day weekend?  A whopping success (as rated by all).

Babies and beers: Everett Edition

By the time the weekend rolls around these days, I am READY.  So ready. Tired, cranky, spent, READY.  Ready for some time to breathe, some time with my two favorite boys, some time to just be. And to do chores, clean the house, clear the clutter, blah blah blah.  Whatever the activity may be, I hold my Saturdays very dear to my heart.IMG_2042

So this Saturday, James woke up early as is the norm, and we took advantage of some sunshine and warmer than usual temps to walk to Dunkin for a coffee (no milk in the casa) and to CVS for milk (to remedy the aforementioned problem).  It’s a quick walk, just over a mile roundtrip, but so very refreshing after being cooped up for the winter. James hung out, shared some smiles with me when I invaded his stroller space, and cooed. Oh, baby coos first thing in the morning: you make those early hours so much less painful.

Back home for way too many cups of coffee and a quick breakfast later, we headed out for this month’s Babies and Beers event (event might be giving it more credit than it is due – Babies and beers is a group of us who have babies and like beer, so we get together to share…babies and beers).  It’s fun!IMG_2030

This month called for lunch at Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square before we hit the trail eastbound to Everett.  I sipped on a new-to-me beer with lunch – Troeg’s Nugget Nectar – which was both delicious and fitting given that I’ve called the little man Nugget since the day he was born. Following lunch, the train headed to our next stop: Night Shift Brewing. Stuck in the back of an old warehouse (with horrible parking!), this spot is really neat. You pretty much walk in through their loading dock and are greeted by a sweet little bar area, folding tables, and old wooden casks. And the beer? So tasty!


We had our fill and headed next door (really) to Idle Hands, a tiny little brewery. Our palates were a little…tired…at that point, so I can’t say that we had the most discerning of opinions, but we all agreed that Idle Hands was small but mighty.  Tasty beers, kind folks, a fun spot.IMG_1999

So Babies and Beers: Everett edition?  An overwhelming success.  Combined with warmer temps and a morning spent outdoors, this Saturday felt as glorious and rejuvenating as all the best Saturdays do.  IMG_2016IMG_2039 IMG_2040