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Kind Drop #1.

Behold, the first Kind Drop* in this little space.

* What’s a Kind Drop? It’s a sneaky little bit of kindness, bestowed upon someone, somewhere, for no other reason than to hope for a smile. Similar to a random act of kindness…but more sneaky? We drop in, do something kind, swoop out. We can be anonymous or show our pretty faces, whatever we prefer. But we do it to remind ourselves that the world is a kind place, and when we’re feeling like it’s not such a kind place, well, that’s an opportunity to offer a small piece of ourselves in an effort to share the kindess. That’s all. A drop of kindness, also known as a Kind Drop.

So what was Kind Drop #1?

In honor of the worst week, we celebrate kindness with this: ___________________________________________________

5Kind Drop

And how did it feel?

Awesome. Liberating? Free. Happy. And sneaky!

Your turn. Get in on it!  Share a smile, drop some kindness in your world.